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Featured Offer: Paper Deal
Paper Deal
Box of 5 reams of A4 Recycled Laser,Iinkjet printer and Copy paper.£14.95 ex vat,17.94 inc vat, plus 10 Olivers Free Delivery in Bath

Get them ...

You can earn Olivers: 3 ways
1.From voluntary organisations as a reward for helping in the local community, like taking part in Bath and North East Somerset Council's "You pledge... we'll reward" recycling scheme.

2.From participating businesses that give them as a loyalty reward or in part payment for goods and services. 
3.From other local people that are offering goods and services through LETS (Local Exchange & Trading System) online offers directory.

Use them ...

Use them as discount coupons to get special deals on loads of great products from loads of companies within the Bath area.
Give them as a volunteering reward to your organisations helpers.
Use them to pay other local people for their help or for goods they want to trade.
Give them to your customers as a loyalty reward


How it works ...

The Bath Oliver is a means of Exchange between local volunteers, residents and businesses. It is a coupon that rewards voluntary work and community activity with discounts in local shops and businesses. Unlike many other local currency schemes OLIVERS are not tourist pounds that can be bought with pounds and converted back into pounds.

OLIVERS save spending in pounds for residents and businesses and it is the first true local money to be developed in the UK. The aim of the scheme is to reduce the reliance on Sterling and retain more of the value of local work and enterprise within the local community.

 Explaining the Oliver

The coupon that just keeps on giving...

The local reward coupon that goes ON………

  • “I improved the amount of recycling from my house and was given 10 Olivers, I had lunch at a local Café and paid 20% of the bill in Olivers”

 AND ON……….

  • “I received 100 Olivers in my café and paid 30% of my invoice with a local stationery company in Olivers”

AND ON………..

  • “I have a lot more local businesses buying stationery from me because they can pay 30% in Olivers. I used my Olivers as part payment for my web design update”

AND ON………..

  • “I have been collecting Olivers for web designing until I had enough to buy new curtain poles for my studio from a local company that offered them on 30% Olivers payment.”

AND ON………….